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Premium Bonds prize options

Who can use this service

Use this service to update your prize options if you’re not registered for our online service.

If you are already registered for our online service, simply log in to your online account to change your prize options.

Steps to change your prize options


Have these details ready:

  • your Premium Bonds holder's number
  • your bank account number and sort code (we can’t accept accounts that use a roll number through this service)


Choose whether you want us to:

  • pay any prizes straight into your bank account
  • automatically reinvest any prizes into more Premium Bonds


What happens next

  • we’ll let you know if you’ve been lucky in the draw

We’ll hold onto any prizes until you’ve finished choosing your new prize options.

In some cases, we may need you send you a code in the post so that we can confirm your identity. We’ll let you know if this happens and what to do next.